Plan Options

Whatcom Campus Dining accepts cash, credit, and debit cards.  We also accept dining dollars and Orca Cash, which can be purchased through the school.  Dining Dollars and Orca Cash allow your campus ID card (known as your Orca Card) to work just like a prepaid debit card!  Dining Dollars can be used only at Whatcom Campus Dining locations, while Orca Cash can be used at the campus bookstore as well.

Students can make Dining Dollar and Orca Cash deposits online via the MyWCC student portal, or in person at the Place of Deposit (P.O.D.) stations on campus, located in SCC and HNR.  The P.O.D. locations only accept cash.

Parents and friends can make guest deposits to a student account using the Orca card guest deposit feature, which enables them to deposit money into the Cardholder's Orca Cash or Dining Dollars account. A parent or guest will need to enter the student's nine-digit Whatcom ID number and the student's last name to complete the process. For more information, visit the Orca Card Webpage.

Dining Dollars can be used at any campus dining location, including Dockside Café and Kulshan Corner. Purchasing Dining Dollars makes your Whatcom CC student ID card work like a debit card at those locations.

  • $25 Dining Dollars - $25.00
    $25 in Dining Dollars for use at Dockside Café and Kulshan Corner